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***Oblitiroot foaming root killer is designed to kill roots in your lines.  This product can also be used as a preventative.***
***This is a 12 month package of septic tank additive to promote the proper bacteria in your tank.***
Line Jetting Services
 This particular system did not have an outlet baffle in place and therefore allowed sludge to creep into the drainage lines over time.  This system built up so much sludge in the lines over time that is plugged off the perforated holes and stopped virtually all of the drainage out of the pipe.    
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Often times, the lateral field drain lines or the main line coming from the house can clog with sludge and other debris. These clogs can result in complete system backups. With our jetter, we can clean these lines out and get them working the way they were designed to.
4" Perforated PVC Pipe
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In the picture above we had cut out a small section to have an access point for the jetting system. It was clogged full of sludge and roots. In the pictures to the right, you can see the jetter in various states of action. The center picture is a large slug of roots being pulled out with the jetter. In the far right picture, the sludge has broken down well and is flowing out. After it flows out we pump it out of the sump pit with a vacuum truck. As you can imagine, the ability to drain water away via the perforations is greatly reduced with the roots and sludge. 
The picture above shows a shattered section of 4" PVC perforated pipe.  This pipe was located under a driveway.  We replaced this section under the driveway with schedule 40 PVC (non-perforated) and added a 2 way cleanout.  Notice the roots and sludge hanging out of the pipe.