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Affordable Septic Tank Service
***Oblitiroot foaming root killer is designed to kill roots in your lines.  This product can also be used as a preventative.***
***This is a 12 month package of septic tank additive to promote the proper bacteria in your tank.***
Septic Pumping:                            $145.00    
We are proud of this affordable price and are not afraid to list it on our website.  This website site is viewed many, many times with the pursuit of knowledge and information in mind; and to withhold pricing in order to generate phone calls would be selling this website short.  If you appreciate this sort of business philosophy and are in need of our services, please don't hesitate to call.   ***This is our standard rate for local Arkansas City/Winfield tanks. Additional dig/locate/or "out of area" mileage charges may apply*** 
Special Event Portable Toilet:       $75.00
Special Event ADA Toilet:            $125.00
This is a weekend rate for a "late model" unit.  Many of this units have integrated hand-washing sinks inside the units.  We also feature stand-alone, self contained hand-washing sinks that are a hit at many outdoor events.
Dry Biological Digestant:               $28.99
This is a year supply package (dosed monthly)  of septic tank treatment.  We are very big believers in keeping the bacteria count high in a septic tank and this product does just that. With the constant barrage of anti-bacterial soaps and cleaners that get introduced into a septic tank, this product will help offset that attack.  The key to fighting the top layer of scum that builds in septic tanks is to prevent it in the first place.  
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