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Serving south-central Kansas
(620) 441-0400
Affordable Septic Tank Service
***Oblitiroot foaming root killer is designed to kill roots in your lines.  This product can also be used as a preventative.***
***This is a 12 month package of septic tank additive to promote the proper bacteria in your tank.***
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The Affordable Car Wash
3010 N. Summit, Arkansas City, KS 67005
Only 75 Cents to Start the Wash
Our car wash offers 4 self service bays.  Each bay accepts quarters or credit cards and has 8 different wash features, including foam brushes, wheel cleaners and spot free rinse.   We have large LED timers in each bay to show how much time you have remaining when using quarters. The timers will show how many minutes and seconds you have used when swiping a credit card.  We appreciate your patronage.
(620) 441-8479
Credit Cards in every bay